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Lot of interested members & ok to be paid member. But feel unable to proceed right now.

Harsh, India, Meerut

Yes I found someone and I want to thank the site, she is Russian and we will soon get married.

Javier, United States, Los Angeles

The website is very basic. This is a good thing. We have had enough of all those badoo/tinder like wensites where you have to do stupid games in order to match someone. Here you simply search what you want and contact them. Also, plensy of real ladies here. Only drawback is tha lack of an app... it ...

Leonardo, Ireland, Carlow

I have found someone and don’t need this site any more

Bruce, New Zealand, Nelson

Free online translator

You do not speak foreign languages? At the first stage of your communication our online translator can help, you can find it in your mailbox. To use translator enter your mailbox and under every new message you will see function of translation “Translate online”. Click on those function and message will be translated automatically. But in any way if you want to meet and establish a family with woman from another country, try to learn at least basic language minimum of the country where your lady is from.

CHAT online, be closer to to your woman. You love to chat?! For you live dialog is better then letters? You think that chats are quick and quiet effective way of communication? Then our online CHAT is for you! Now you can start it not only when you are on the site, but also right from your mobile. With CHAT your communication with foreign ladies will be more dynamic. If you download CHAT to your cell-phone, then for women will be easier and faster to start dialog with you.

People in love often get insane because of fear of betrayal. Then their actions become unpredictable. Jealousy is a bad advisor and can’t help you. Total control and trying to keep of person with everything you can, will not make you any good, but will bring only disastrous results. You should look for reason of jealousy in yourself, not in your partner

Interesting functions which will help you in communication:

  • Winks; large catalog of postacrds for different dates and occasions.
  • Ice breaks, short phrases can be a good help to start conversation.
  • "If You Like Me?" game. Start playing popular game on our site. Matches in the game mean mutual attraction between you and women whom you liked. It is a new and unusual way of establishing of new contacts!
  • Photo contests. The aim of contests is to attract more attention of our members to your profile.
  • ‘Who viewed my profile’ list. You will always be able to see who was looking through your profile. Do not forget to send a message and say ‘thank you’ for visit. Maybe it will be first step to start a dialog and communication.
  • Function of invisibility. Do you want to hide yourt profile from general view? Then use the function "Hide profile". Your profile will be visible only to those people whom you write..

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Advices for men how to get acquainted easier

Do not try to get as many contacts as you can. Better to find normal, real contacts.

There are lots of ways to start conversation with lady. If you are confused, then try to start talking with:

1. Compliment her taste of music or movies, such step works very good: “ I would be very interested to know your mind about [name of movie], I meet the girl who likes it first time in my life (I found out about it from your profile)”.

2. Put a good portion of humor in your attitude to everything. Make jokes if it is proper time for joke. Do not become boring.

3.You always can talk about travelling

4. You can talk about drinks or food that both of you like. You can talk about your job, career, about hobby. Talk about your friends.

5. Do not complaint about your life or other people.

6. Conversation is the only way to get to know person better. Try to be communicative. Show interest about emotions and events in life of your interlocutor. Such dialogs will make you closer. Be kind with everybody and attentive.

Planning of wedding with your Russian, Ukrainian bride

If you fell in love with lady from Ukraine or Russia, it means you are a lucky man! Slavic women are considered to be the best for creating a family. They are always loyal, oriented on family and husband on the first place. For most of them feminist ideas are strange and not acceptable. When you make decision to get married with Russian, Ukrainian bride, you need to plan in advance where, in which country you would like to make your wedding, in your country or country of your bride? Remember that Slavic traditions in many ways are different from Western. Most of men prefer to bring ladies to their countries as brides and then to get married in few month. It gives men time to make final decision after living together, if his Russian, Ukrainian bride is

The main goal of our site is to help lonely men and women to find their real love. Check right now profiles of our Russian, Ukrainian ladies which are looking for men to get married.

that woman, with whom they would like to spend all life? If you choose this way, you need to prepare fiancée visa. If wedding will be on your territory, show your bride wedding which is traditional for your country. You can watch some video together or visit wedding of your friends. If you will decide to get married on the territory of your bride, then try to learn a little traditions of Russian or Ukrainian wedding ceremony. It will give you knowledge how to behave, what is the role of groom in wedding games. If marriage will be registered on the territory of Ukraine or Russia, take care of all necessary documents. List of documents your bride can take in the registration office. Love can go through any borders.

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